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GrowthChat was conceived as part of the unit EC2511 Economic Growth: Causes and Consequences.

  • All Growth Chat videos at once

    YouTube videos in the order in which we interviewed authors

  • Mara Squicciarini about Religiosity and Education in the 19th Century century

  • Luigi Pascali about Maritime Technology, Trade and Development in the 20th Century

  • Jeanet Bentzen about the Pre-Reformation Roots of the Protestant Ethic

  • Andrea Matranga about the Invention of Agriculture

  • Melanie Xue about the Impact of "Folklore" on Culture and Economics

  • Davide Ticchi about the Political Economy of Science, Religion, and Growth

  • Sara Lowes on the Legacy of Colonial Medicine in Central Africa

  • Bishnupriya Gupta on India's Transition from a Colonial Economy

  • Paola Giuliano on the Origins of Gender Roles

  • Stelios Michalopoulos about the Long-Run Effects of the Scramble for Africa

  • Raul Sanchez de la Sierra about the Origins of the State

  • Leonard Wantchekon about the Slave Trade and the Origins of Mistrust in Africa

  • Elias Papaioannou on Pre-Colonial Ethnic Institutions and Contemporary African Development

  • Melissa Dell on the Persistent Effect of Peru's Mining Mita

  • Timur Kuran on the Peaceful Explosion of Rights in Ottoman Istanbul