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Media coverage

1. Video

  • A silver lining of forced migration 2-minute video (1 November 2021)

  • Was Weber Wrong? Explaining the link between Protestantism and Capitalism 1-hour interview with Lipton Matthews (29 October 2021)

  • Forced Migration and Human Capital: Evidence from Post-WWII Population Transfers 11-minute video (22 October 2021)

  • Panel: State Religion, Religious Freedom, Institutions and Economic Growth: A Global Perspective at IEA-INET conference in Cambridge (10 July 2017)

  • June 2011 ILO/World Bank/CESifo/EFIGE conference I co-organized

  • Interview with Uni-Bonn TV at 2008 meeting of "German Economists Abroad"

    2. Audio

  • On the enduring effects of the communist experience in Germany A Correction Podcast (14 May 2020)

  • Education and economic development: evidence from the Industrial Revolution (13 January 2012)

  • Live interview with BBC Radio Foyle on "Is there a Protestant Work Ethic?" (2 November 2011)
  • Live interview with BBC Radio Ulster on "Is there a Protestant Work Ethic?" (2 November 2011)

    3. Blogs

  • my articles on

  • my articles on

  • interview with Warwick Knowledge Centre, May 2011

    4. Print (newspapers, magazines etc)